about us

Hospitality at its best

“We provide extravagant hospitality without an extravagant price.”

RoD Cole-clarke, manager

About us

Seville, an integral part of Mercy Ministries Far North Queensland, is the legacy of the Sisters of Mercy, and carries their vision of genuine warm, caring and helpful hospitality.

While it’s a professional conference and wedding centre with the latest technology, exceptional dining and four-star accommodation on site, it hasn’t lost its charismatic, historic and loving Mercy family touch. We pride ourselves on being the perfect venue for private, exclusive weddings, conferences and retreats and being the only centre close the CBD to have eight hectares of lush garden and rainforest backdrops.


Our dedicated team of five full-time staff and 15 casual members, which we increase as the need arises, are led by devoted manager Rod Cole-Clarke (far left). We embrace Pope Francis’ Laudato si’ call to action, which is caring for the planet. All our staff members set a goal to be sustainable and eco-friendly in everything they do, which is why we have daily recycling and composting practices as well as continuing to explore ways to protect Mother Nature. We strive to go above and beyond and extend genuinely warm and caring hospitality to every guest.

Our Values


We believe in spreading Pope Francis’ message that we should do everything we can to protect, value and cherish our beautiful Mother Earth.


We are proud to be in a lush, rainforest environment and do everything we can to practice sustainability to ensure we have an eco-friendly centre.


We practice what the Sisters of Mercy started, which is supplying warm and caring hospitality to every single guest.